Details on the Drug Shortages

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Check this link:

Details of drug shortages

Lists all of the current shortages of CRC drugs and the (reported) reasons.


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    Thats my era...
    3 of the drugs I am to start tomorrow are in short supply.........pretty much sums up my
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    Buzzard said:

    Thats my era...
    3 of the drugs I am to start tomorrow are in short supply.........pretty much sums up my

    And from the New York Times:

    (assuming other countries can maintain high quality control standards-tho US trying to damper competition

    of course US court ruled against Indian company that may produce OXI cheaper than US to sell cheaper to US!!!!)

    $ (and guns) makes the world go round
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    This is just wrong. That's all I can say about this.

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    robbery and...
    Once multiple shortages occurred, "FDA protection" was revealed to be just a sorrid protection racket.

    Most of our generic medicines come from overseas. We're just left bickering over how many $ XXX,XXX we are willing to be robbed rather than die without "$10 aspirin tablets", or just doing without. I guess oral leucovorin over $0.25 per 25 mg tablet is my breaking point of cynicism (ha,ha, $10 per 15 mg tablet, $22+ per 25 mg tab at W--greens). Leucovorin (folinic acid) tablets of any size could really be "more natural vitamin B9" supplements for 1-10 cents instead of folic acid ...

    Any stage IV patient on 5FU that is denied getting any leucovorin at all, is likely being seriously injured. I've seen this myself and with posters elsewhere. Who should the patients hold accountable, and how?
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    I was happy to see that there was a link to send a message to your elected officials.

    Do not know if my single plea will help change things, but one can only hope.

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    For sometime, the pharmaceutical houses have been  bribing
    the generic companies not to make competition.
    When caught, they pay a 500 million dollar fine. This is like a parking ticket to them.  And money still flows under the table.