? about chemo

Hubby started chemo again last Monday after surgery in June. He has chemo 5 days, 2 wks off, then repeat for 4 rounds. When he had his first go at chemo (starting last Feb), he did really good, till the last treatment, then became really sick. This time, he seems to be having a reaction right away. Is this common? He is saying that his feeling bad is related to his back hurting. But he doesn't sleep at night, can hardly stay up during the day, and is just plain miserable. I can't talk him into any kind of exercise...says he's too tired. Is this the norm, or is there a norm?

I know I probably sound like a nit-wit, but this is new to us. We are only 9 months in and have already experienced more than we thought was possible. Seems like every day there's a new issue to research or try to understand.


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    Its normal.........
    Chemo kicks your tail....It is wise though to keep in contact with the Onc or his nurse to stay on top of symptoms until the two of you get a better handle on what to expect...Its a butt kicker to get through, let his body tell him what he needs ....and it will..let him rest when he wants to rest. His body will need it, as will yours...Its a whirlwind but it will settle down after a while into a routine you two can handle.....Best to the both of you.........Clift