an idea for all to try

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Greetings fellow survivors!

I believe I mentioned this in an earlier post but not sure if many saw it. In one of my researching forays I read about the benefits of rebounding. I actually found quite a few sites with information on it. I was rather sceptical about the whole thing so I asked my naturopathic doctor about it - she agreed with what I had found. Rebounding (on a mini-trampoline) actually helps drain the lymphatic system. I won't attempts to explain the mechanics of how it works - just do a google search of rebounding and cancer.

And in case you needed another reason . . . it is good exercise too. My father-in-law used to use one to shape up for ski season. Gives quite a good workout.

They can be a bit expensive, but I found a used on online for $20 (Canadian).

(bouncing) yoga jo


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    Sounds like Fun
    My sons who are in their 30's were very active and we had a mini trampoline for them to jump on instead of the beds. I checked online and see the newer versions are bigger and have a handle. Does this mean this would help prevent recurrence?

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    sounds good
    The treadmills at my gym bounce like rebounder.
    Really interesting.
    I am sure rebounding is great for digestion as well

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    Years ago I had a 12 foot trampoline and after avoiding it for a while I bounced like crazy with the daughter.


    She commented that it was the best day ever.
    She hates when I act like a grown-up (so do I).

    My back felt like every disc was damaged the next day.
    My stiff knee (fall) was now loose.

    Wish I could bounce, it was fun.