OMG....I have completely lost my mind and "killed" off Libby P

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I am sooooooooo sorry for upsetting all you ladies. I thought Kelly was Libby's daughter, and I knew that Kelly's mom died in August. Then I got an email from Lisa (13Q) and she mentioned "Libby passed" as well - obviously not "our" Libby.

I will fix the video ASAP.

I am sooooo sorry for the misunderstanding and apologize to Kelly and Libby.



  • carolenk
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    So rumors of Libby's death have been greatly exagerated? So glad to hear it!
  • NCEllen
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    Love You!
    Carlene the video is such a beautiful tribute to all the ladies. You really did a great and heartfelt piece of work....but I had to log off when I saw Libby's name; and now I'm just back on and this and ' lions and tigers and bears' ... our Teal Angels are with us and sooo understand this board too... Carlene and LIBBY...we love you!
  • kellyh33
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    No worries
    Not to worry! Libby was not my mom but I am wondering how i am able to view the video? Mom's name is Saundra but she went by Sam.