once had cancer, always compromised immune system?

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I'm wondering if this is true. What do you all out there think about this?
Stage 3 colorectal cancer dx 2009
as of now, clear scans


  • Buckwirth
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    Not true.
  • laurettas
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    Our experience
    My husband had Hodgkins' disease 34 years ago with ten months of very strong chemo. He was somewhat frail physically for a couple of years but then went many years with wonderful health. He would go years without having to take a day off work from being sick even though he worked out of doors in the harsh Montana winters.
  • PhillieG
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    No here too
    In the many years I've been dealing with cancer I've had at most 5 colds, never had treatments held up either.
    I was never one for getting sick pre-cancer.
    Everyone's different.
  • Annabelle41415
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    Both of mine are below normal and dont ever seem to rise any higher than they are, however I've not gotten sick besides maybe the sniffels.