Update on Mom and Dad

Hi guys!

I wanted to give you an update on mom. She went to the doctor this morning for a follow up for the blood clot in her leg and lung. The doctor is almost 100% sure both clots are gone. We are waiting to find out if she needs to have the filter removed and how long she will be on blood thinner. She also needs to go back and two weeks to have her blood work done concerning her anemia. But she is doing great.

Dad goes Friday for his CT and gets the results on Tuesday. He has been having some issues with a sore on his tongue and some ear pain. I do not have a good feeling the results. So please say some prayers for my family and I will keep you updated.



  • sweetblood22
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    Good news on mom's clots. I am thinking the ear pain and sore tongue are more than likely side effects.

    Prayers for you all,

  • Jan Trinks
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    Prayers On the Way

    Glad Mom is doing well and will be praying for her and of course for your Dad next week.

    Jan (Basketcase)
  • Noellesmom
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    Prayers for all
    Keep us posted, Kathy.
  • Hondo
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    Prayers for all
    Keep us posted, Kathy.

    Hi Kathy
    Glad to hear Mom is doing well, will continue to keep Dad in prayer that all goes well on the CT report.