Nine pound weight gain overnight? First time on this board..

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My Mom has kidney cancer and a MASS on her pancreas, unbiopsied. She gained nine pounds overnight! She is on water pills....anyone heard of this? I am at MDA fighting my on cancer (anal Squamish cell). I am her normal caregiver and it is hard to know these problems and not be there to choice this time though.

Can anyone help me? She has had no treatments or surgeries, she declined. Diagnosed at Mayo clinic....


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    Sorry you're both going thru this
    I'm not a nurse, but the fluid retention seems to go with kidney involvement. Since the kidney is not functioning properly to filter fluids, they are leaking out into the adbominal cavity and surrounding tissue. There can also be the weight/size of the tumor. A member of my support group had a confined tumor that went from the size of a cantaloupe (5#) to the size of a watermellon (13#) in the three weeks between Dx and surgery. Other than issues associated with age and arthritis, she is doing OK twelve years later.

    If your mom won't seek treatment, the only thing I can suggest is palliative care or hospice care if your mom has an attending or primary care physician who will authorize it. Do not look at these two suggestions as giving up. There are available to help the patient LIVE more comfortably.

    Best wishes.