pain meds and constipation

We are in a battle with pain meds and constipation. My husband has always been very sensitive as far as GI side effects are concerned and now is no difference. He takes a narcotic and gets constipation, he takes something to relieve said constipation and gets diarrhea - very little happy medium . . . any suggestions? He eats a lot of fiber, drinks a lot of water, eats veggies and salads? I am thinking of dulcolax or miralax - any thoughts?

Thanks friends

wife of Kevin
stage IVb


  • mruble
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    Delicate balance
    It really is a balancing act, isn't it! And so unpleasant if you go too far one direction or the other. My husband had good luck with Senokot, trying varying amounts until he found what worked. If that didn't work, then he used miralax.

    Good luck!
  • chemosmoker
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  • chemosmoker
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    I have same problem....
    I have the EXACT same issues and always have. Took Imodium for YEARS and that's what actually got me to the GI doc for the colonoscopy that got me diagnosed with EC by accident.
    I have found that STOPPING the fiber (I used Metamucil and those supplements mixed in drinks) as they just made it worse. Fiber does NOT always help, it can CAUSE diarrhea as well I have found with my sensitive system.

    The solution I have found, and this will sound stupid, but it has worked SO well it is silly, is MULTI-GRAIN CHEERIO'S. Honey Nut or regular Cheerio's do NOT work BTW. They are just the right balance of fiber and vitamins and have made and keep me regular despite the high dose narcotics and opiates for the last four months! Works GREAT! You have to eat it DRY. I eat most of a box of them a day, and not only is it a great source of Iron and others, but the fiber and makeup seem to work out the blockage and diarrhea problems associated with pain meds. Worth a try, if he can eat cheerio's?

    I have used dulcolax and it is natural and works GREAT too. Take only ONE (1) 100MG Dulcolax gel and that will do it. Nothing harsh, takes a day sometimes two, but when I am not using the cheerio's, I use that. The powders are WAY too powerful. Hope this helps!

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    Miralax works for me
    I take it daily, plus a large bowl of shredded winter wheat (Kashi brand) every morning. I'm not big on fruits & vegetables, as I don't have much of an appetite most of the day. But so far things are going ok. O yeah, drink lots of water.

    Things that haven't worked especially well for me: Senekot, Metamucil, Citrocel.
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    Hey Whitney,

    When Jeff was going through chemo he was using a lot of nausea meds which were causing pain and bloating. He started taking two sennokot-s every morning. It worked very well for him.

    Hope all of these tips help,

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    Constipation & what worked for my dad

    My dad really struggled with constipation, initaly it was the constipation that lead to the scope but while waiting for the appointment date he noticed issues with swallowing, he was dx stage IV. He used all different types of o.t.c constipation meds. He found that Laci Lebough Tea it was a Senna tea was the best. You can find it in through Puritian Pride and local I think GNC type of stores. My best to you and your husband.

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    Hi Whitney
    My Steve was a stage IVb, and the hospice nurse noticed he was taking oxy and dilaudid and suggested he start taking senokot as she was going to "up" the oxy, which is constipating. The senokot worked very well, no harsh side effects.
    Fluids are very important, but too much fiber and not enough fluids can make one constipated as well (anyone who has been pregnant can relate).
    Hope you find some relief,