RCC in Left KIdney During Pregnancy

Hi, I am 25 years happy living girl from INDIA, I have been diagnosed with RCC in left Kidney during 3rd month of pregnancy ie on 6th April, 2010. After continuous discussions, Confusions and fear of loosing my child i got operated on 3rd May 2010 during 4th Month of pregnancy. The operation was successful due to great team effort of my Gynaecologist, Urologist and Anaethist. The tumor was restricted within kidney only. Next Day to my operation i got Ultrasound done to know the condition of my child, and felt the most lucky person in world to see n feel my baby heartbeat. Then After the chain of clinical follow ups. I have delievered a healthy Baby Girl on 11th Oct 2010 whose gonna be 1 year next Month

This disease made me more bold and practical towards life and m honoured to be a winner out of this.


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    That is an amazing


    That is an amazing story and somewhat similar to what my wife went through. She was diagnosed at 7 months so they delivered early. You have a great attitude towards the situation :)