2nd tace

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hi everyone want to get opinions.i just got results of 2nd ct scan and the tumor now 10 centimeters was 9 cm at last scan. now there is portal vein invasion in left and right portal vein, so doctor says he does not want do do another tae any experience with this thanks.


  • mhrosado
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    2nd Tace
    Hi. If possible, I would get a second opinion from a doctor in another facility.
    Take care.
  • LeeandShirley
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    2nd tace
    I agree with other reply. Get yourself to a major cancer center and get a second opinion. Whenever a doctor gives up on treatment, the best thing to do is to get another doctor. Second and sometimes third opinions are often the only way to save your own life or to extend it as long as possible. If you are not in end stage liver cancer there is always treatments available. Perhaps tace isn't the treatment at the moment, but there should be some medical plan in place for you. Hope you get the proper help and treatment you need. God bless.