A prayer for all of those who lost and all of us for 9/11/01...

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I HOPE no one minds me posting this here today...

I say a short and simple prayer today for all of us who lost a loved one, or know someone who lost a loved one in the Twin Towers or the Pentagon or on Flight 93; for all of those brave soldiers who are still serving, who were lost defending us, so we could be home, safe, recovering, and on this board, sharing.
I say a huge THANK YOU and a prayer for them and their families today.

Today, I get a moment away from focusing on MY suffering and MY pain, to stop and think about those who gave so much, those who gave ALL, just that I might be able to live, and fight cancer to live another day as well. They are my heroes.

I ad to this a prayer for ALL of those suffering from this terrible disease of EC and ALL cancers, today, as every day. But especially today. It reminds me that I am not alone in my suffering, my pain, and my hope, no matter how different the circumstances may be.
Loosing a loved one hurts, no matter HOW they are lost, if we feel it was not their time.
I know God has bigger plans for me and for all of us, even if I fight it at the time.

May God bless ALL of you, and may you find peace and calm on this anniversary of a very sad day for our homeland indeed.

Thinking and praying for all of you, and for all the victims of 9-11 and of the wars fought since.



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    Well said Eric
    Just a brief note to ditto what Eric said. You have the thoughts and prayers of me and all my fellow Canadians today. We all watched along side our American friends in shock and horror on that horrible, senseless day. We all cried with you, and mourned with you. I remember sitting, watching the news, reliving over and over the nightmare that is 9/11. Thinking of those many loved ones who have suffered and are still suffering such a shocking loss.
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    We join you in your prayers
    Blessing and prayers to all who lost someone in 9/11 or in the resulting miltary actions.

    Prayers of strength and healing to those born on 9/11 for they will be our freedom fighters. They were born in shock but bring great promise.

    Prayers of healing and peace to all EC and other cancer patients and caregivers.

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    Right On Eric.........
    You say it perfectly, I will join you in prayer today.

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    GerryS said:

    Right On Eric.........
    You say it perfectly, I will join you in prayer today.


    Great Post
    I came to this country when I was 7 from South Korea (the whole family came in search of a better life) and I've never been so proud to be a Korean-American. First thing we did this morning is to put up the American Flag. I told me husband 2 days ago. "I'll never forget 2 things in my life. The day the Twin Towers came down and the day I found out my wonderful mother has EC" I will also join in the prayers today.
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    Dear Eric

    You have so much love in your heart for everyone. I thank God for the day I met you on this site. I wish the world were full of more people just like you.
    Yes Eric our soldiers, our police and fire men, and all of you suffering with cancer and who have passed away are the TRUE HEROS. I admire you so much Eric, you will never know the depth of that as when I read your posts you are so full of life and it makes me a better person to know you are here.

    Write me o.k?