Brachytherapy Consult in Nashville


Looking for suggestions (Dr. or Center) for a Brachytherapy consult in Nashville, TN.

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  • nowrest
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    Somewhere on this cancer website there is a list of doctors/hospitals and there specialties. You might try to find that. I have also heard from friends that Vanderbilt is very good.
  • Dale B
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    Brachy Recommendation
    Dr. Alvaro Martinez, well known around the world and helped pioneering High Dose Radiation (HDR). My brachy treatment done in one day. Dr Martinez is an innovator in radiation oncology, pioneering the development of intensity modulated radiotherapy, and image-guided radio therapy for pinpoint accuracy in radiation treatment. Taking advantage of his surgical training, Dr. Martinez has achieved outstanding expertise in brachytherapy and he designed special applicators which are widely used for the treatment of patients with gynecological and other pelvic malignancies.

    He can be reached at Wm. Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI