Date Set for 2nd Opinion

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Well last Fri. I felt alittle discouraged after talking with my radiation doctor. He confirmed what my colon doctor more radiation & APR w/ostomy is my only hope for possibly getting rid of recurrent cancer. And for best quality of life.
Less then an hour later IU Goshen Hospital called to set an appt. for my 2nd opinion. They got my records from previous & current cancer tests, treatments, etc. I know they wouldn't have set an appointment if they felt the same as my current being the only option. So I am feeling (somewhat) better, that there is finally some hope for different treatment & cure this cancer!
So until my appt. on Wed. Sept. 14th, I'm sure I'll continue this 'roller coaster of emotions' along with sleepless nights. While I know this is in God's hands, I'm still alittle scared. I have an amazing support team with my hubby, our kids, family & friends.

And I do appriciate having all of you on this board to 'vent' with, ask questions of.... read your topics or questions...because knowing I'm not alone with this rare cancer helps so much. Thank you & God bless each of you.


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    I want to wish you all the very best on the 14th. with your 2nd. opinion consult. As I said previously, you never know when a new treatment or procedure will become available, so I'm glad you are doing this. Please keep us posted and good luck.
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    I will be praying that you receive the help you need with your 2nd opinion. I often wondered if the MOHs surgery could be used with anal cancer. I have never heard of it for anal. They gradually remove tissue in the OR and biopsy it until they get clear margins. Maybe someday that will be an option for recurrant or residual anal cancer. I pray for only the best for you. Lori
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    2nd opinion
    good luck with your 2nd opinion; knowledge is power. I hold you in my prayers, and send you love and hugs
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    You are in my prayers
    I have been following your journey here and just want you to know you are in my prayers also.
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    I am so sorry that you have to be going through this. I will be praying for you too. I hope you get the very best medical advice for your 2nd opinion, and that God will give you and your family the grace to get through whatever you will need to do. Let us know. We are all here for you.