The Lymph System, Nodes, etc. and their role in helping manage cancer

Here is a link which does a decent job explaining the lymph system and how it works. It is presented mostly for those with issues with lymphedema but the how's and why's are useful in general. The info on direction of flow I found particularly helpful. I had posted this in the thread with Claudia's post on how cancer spreads, etc. but thought it could be helpful as a stand alone.

Lymph fluid only flows in one direction through the system allowing one to get a visual on how cancer cells ended up in nodes that become enlarged, light up on PET scans, or test positive for cancer via a biopsy.



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    Thanks!! Annie
    I never did give much thought to lymphedema until this summer. My ankle on the left leg is swollen at the end of the day. It is back down to size each morning after resting it. I sit at a desk all day. Decided I am going to have to pay more attention to getting some exercise. Dusted off the exercise machine in the game room. I had some lymph glands removed during surgery. Since we have many many lymph glands in our bodies I don't think the ones they took really mean a lot. I will have to ask the doc in Nov for my next check up. Have never given it much thought.

    So thanks Annie for this discussion.

    By the way my ankles used to swell during extremely hot weather before my surgery two years ago. Not a lot but, enough to be noticeable.