pro's and con's of a T.E.P

I had a Laryngetomy in oct 2010 and a T.E.P implant on May 2011, I cannot seem to get it to work for me and everyone tells me to just keep trying. I've had it replaced 3 times because of leakage to my lungs.I use the HME Cassette ( heat and moisture exchanger)
Only good thing about that is it helps to keep the stoma clean. My question is , has anyone ever had the TEP removed and went back to the old pen and paper ? I still have to suction the stoma. I some times wonder if did the right thing to have the surgery. People still don't understand me. I'm only 54 I feel like i can still do as much as b-4, only everyone tells me to take it easy don't do this don't do that, like i should just sit and wait for the sky to fall.


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    Sorry for your problem
    I have no experience with TEP implant but praying it gets better. As for the "take it easy" we caretakers and family get over protective and afraid you will have a setback or do harm to yourself. However, I reaalize we also need to lighten up and let you try to get bsck to normal. Jim usually waits for me to be somewhere else to try things, that's because he thinks he can do as much as he use to starting out and I caution him to start slow. Case in point, This morning he went out on the back porch and tried to do reps with 20lb hand weights. He was only able to barely do two reps. If he had started with 5 or 20 lbs he could work his way up, but that is a forgien concept to him,LOL :) Now he is sleeping because he wore himself out trying to do other things as well. Be patient with your family, they love you, and tell them to be patient with you snd to let you try a few things.