Month of September, busy

Looks like I will have to start paying rent to the doctors this month. have just completed 20 bouts of Hyperbaric treatment for teeth. Next week I will probably have back surgery for a herniated disc pinched nerve. This coming Tuesday will receive results of ultra sounds on my carotid artery, had surgery on it in 2008 as it was causing mini strokes, it was 90 odd percent blocked and platelets were clogging, seems like it's cool now though, techie said it looked good and showed me the blood flowing through both arteries. 19th am scheduled for Pet scan and videostrobe and meeting with ONC and ENT guy same day, afraid I won't have the PEt due to creatinine so will probably get a cat and an MRI. I get the results the same day, love Penn State Hershey, then after that sometime during the next week, the teeth come out. back has really been bad, was lifting two truck brake rotors when it popped, ouch. Then when all that is done maybe a trip to England and Germany and catch up on some old rock and roll buddies. Denis


  • sweetblood22
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    Wow! I think busy is an
    Wow! I think busy is an understatement!

    Hope the results from the ultra sound are good.

    Stay busy, stay well!

  • Hondo
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    Hi Denis
    You look like you have a full load on your hands my friend, praying that all goes well for you. Keep us up-dated on your progress.

  • Pam M
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    Busy, Indeed
    When all that is done - you DESERVE that trip to England and Germany. Hoping for clear, clean scan and speedy recovery for your back and mouth.
  • Skiffin16
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    Good Luck
    Just wanted to wish you well and positive thoughts.