Info from Dr. appt yesterday....

I went with my dad yesterday to hear for myself the results of the full body scan they did, as he has not had one since he first started chemo in april. Everything looks the same, except for there are more spots to the liver. The Dr. is going to consult with others as to what to approach the monster with for his chemo mix. He already had the "big cannons" but he assured us, there are other options. As for the esophagous itself, he did measure between April and now and showed me that it hasn't changed or shrunk. My dad is now not having any problem eating again for the last couple days, so MAYBE it was just a short term thing, I do not know at this point.No j-tube, my dad does not want to even think about this right now, as he eats whatever, and is not loosing weight. William, you are right, I think he is trying to be strong for our family and I am a lot like them, I save my crying for when I am alone, while my mom and sister struggle. ( I am truely a daddy's girl... ALWAYS!!!)

thanks for everyones help, and insight, and if anyone has anything else to add, please do!! I may be missing info, but anyone have any ideas of what could be next for his chemo treatments if he already was on the "big cannons"

GOD bless you all,


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    Hi Chrissie --

    Thanks for the update on your dad. I'm sure you were a little disappointed about the new spots on the liver but thankfully that was the only change. And how wonderful that your dad is able to eat more comfortably now. It's so hard on everyone when there are eating issues.

    I don't have any insights on potential chemo. My husband started with EOX, which was followed by Taxotere, Cisplatin, Leucovorin and 5FU. After that he started on Irinotecan, which has been holding things in check for the last three months. But so far my husband doesn't have mets to his liver -- so I'm not sure how that influences the drugs of choice.

    Your entire family will be in my prayers.

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    unknown said:

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    Thanks to you both, and
    Thanks to you both, and William, for you wealth of information, I will be studying up on this tonight, once my daughter is in bed, so I can not be interupted!!!
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