hogkins survivor 30 years later with BC DCIS any other survivors with BC after mantel radiation 30 y

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I went through radiation treatment at stanford University Hospital in 1978. this type of radiation was extreme and causes many long term side effects one of which is BC after 20+ years out of treatment. I was wondering if any other people are out there that had full body radiation 25 - 30 years ago that has been dx with BC caused from the radiation.


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    BC after Hodgkins
    Yes, I was dx'd with IDC in 2007, 18 years after radiation treatment for HL. As you probably know by now, there is a long list of long term effects from treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma from radiation and/or chemo. There is more discussion regarding this on the "Long-term Effects from Treatment" board here on CSN.

    Unfortunately, our treatment options for BC are limited due to our previous cancer theraphies. My BC was IDC, DCIS and LCIS and had a double MX. Radiation is not an option and chemo only helped by 2%, which I did not do to prevent further damage to my heart. No tamoxifen because I had a TIA in 2008. So all in all it has been 3 yrs and 10 months since my BC dx.

    I wish you the best outcome and speedy recovery from your recent dx. There is another website, that has many HL Long term survivors posting, that is a huge resource for us LT survivors. Private message me and I'll tell you about it.

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