talked to my nurse

i finally talked to my nurse and she said that i had treatment and i would'nt need treatment for 30 years, but i had r-cvp in 2005and in 2007 i relasped, i just told her i would go to my primarey care dr for the shotness of breath and feeling weak if he did'nt find anything then i would call back to see if my appt can be moved up. does anyone feel like that insurance makes a difference in how your treated?


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    I really hope your nurse is right. Then again nobody can make predictions about any thing and be 100% correct. I don't think anybody has a crystal ball. It would be great if they did. Cancer is so unpredictable. It can appear and happen to anyone at any time. It doesdn't have to be lymphoma. I really hope your nurse is correct,but I would try to get my appt. moved up. Just a little word of advice.Do not take weakness and shortness of breath as a side effect.Do not brush it off,please. John