Hi, I'm new to this board, so bear with me if this a duplicate question....
When I was diagnosed in January of this year with Stage IV, my onc said that it was mucinous adeno carcinoma. So even though there’s no mets in my liver or other organs (but my colon was breached and present in lymph nodes), doc says the fact that it was “mucinous” is one of the reasons why it’s classified as IV. Just wondering if any of my fellow IV’s out there were diagnosed as mucinous and what your doc’s told you.

By the way, I just joined this board last month; and I’m soooo glad I did! The wealth of information is incredible. No need to google for info anymore!

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    Welcome Ginni
    Hi Ginni,

    Welcome to the board! My rectal tumor was/is also classified as mucinous. I am stage IV, but am stage IV because the cancer had already spread to my liver and lungs. I've never heard of being classified as stage IV just due to the tumor being mucinous. It was my understanding (although I may be wrong) that all the rectal adenecarcinomas are mucinous. I have heard a recurrence of my rectal tumor this past year (was dx'd 4 yrs ago) & it definitely produces a lot of mucous, along with blood. My oncologist just told me that it's normal for that kind of tumor & as long as the tumor is still there, I will be passing blood and mucous.
    I would question your onc further about the link of the mucinous tumor to stage IV. Something doesn't sound right there to me. A stage IV diagnosis is normally reserved for patients who's cancer has spread to other areas in the body.

    Best wishes & keep checking in with us-

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    Hi Ginni
    Hi Ginni,
    My husband also has mucinous adenocarcinoma. When he was diagnosed and after surgery he was Stage 3c. He was not stage 4 at diagnosis. He is currently stage 4 as he has activity in his lungs.
    Best to you.