Appointment today, does this sound right?

I am going with my dad to his appointment today. He does NOT want me to say anything to the Dr. about the stretching. He said that when he last talked to the Dr. he had told him the reason that he was having problems swallowing is because he missed a week of Chemo so it was his body reacting to this. I can not find any info on this??!! He goes every other week for chemo, and they had cancelled his 1 appt. dad told me it was because of his blood count. Just wondering if this sounds right, seeing I can not find this anywhere.




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    That is right
    Yes, they will test his blood at each scheduled chemo appointment. If the numbers are off too much, they will cancel that chemo and reschedule it or wait for the next. Many others can tell you more but I know this is how they do chemo. You spend the first hour or so of each appointment waiting for the result of that blood work to come back and then they can mix your cocktail and get you started, if and only if your CBC is looking okay for chemo that day.

    As for the swallowing due to missing that chemo, I have no idea but I hope by answering the other question, it will move you back to the top of a very busy board (LOTS OF SURGERIES and good news tonight!) and those with chemo/stent experience can answer you tonight or soon!

    Good luck, keep posting and KEEP us POSTED!

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    unknown said:

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    thanks to you both for your help, William as always such a source of info!!! I wrote another post updating from the Dr. appt yesterday

    Bless you,