Still worrying!!

It's me again! My daughter finished radiation 2.5 weeks ago to her chest and neck, and tonight we noticed that she has loss hair right at her neck/nape area. I know that radiation can cause hair loss, but is it possible that the radiation to the neck/throat area could have caused the hair loss? When you pull on it, it comes off in that area but not anywhere else on her head. She kept most of her hair during chemo, it just thinned out and that has since grown back. Now this has happened!!!


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    I had radiation to my left hip area and did have some hair loss on that side of my groin. Have her talk to her radiation onc or nurse to answer her questions.

    She was lucky that she didn't lose her hair during chemo. Course as hot as it got this summer I was happy to be bald again. I've been bald since April and it's just now about 1/8" long.

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