two days before treatment has finished with very little side effects

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hi all

I have two days left until I finish with chemotherapy and radio.
I have a slight rash around my groin and it is sore to go for a number two.
I feel great a little tired
My blood counts were normal all through treatments.
No mouth ulcers
No cystitis
No painkillers needed
No Nausea
Very Little hair loss
Very little toilet problems going once to twice a day.
I feel great and in a weird way have enjoyed using this time to reflect on my life. I have had the recommended treatment from the oncologist 5 days chemotherapy 25 radio therapy sessions and 5 days chemotherapy.

There are a few simple tips I can give you to make your treatment as painless as mine has been.

Go with the treatment.
Enjoy the time to rest,
Forget work and money tell yourself its a sabbatical.
Set your self a long range target for when things will be better than before.
There is no rush.
When you are in a hurry you miss the view take your time.
Reflect on how you have been and intend change post treatment.
Things will be different.
Do not just heal the body work on the soul too.
I enjoyed a high carb diet and even put on weight!

I stopped work and enjoyed afternoon naps
I stretched my body 4 times a day and when I felt good did a bit of yoga.
I looked into and read about changing my diet
I read a few good books
The very best and most inspiring being The Secret by Rhonda Byrnne
Every time I felt sad I forced my self to think of a funny memory.
I let other people help
I learnt to appreciate my husband and kids
I got my partner to massage my feet for ten minutes every night.
He read up on reflexology I am convinced this kept many side effects at bay.
I enjoyed the puzzled look on the oncologist and nurses face when I didn't get ill.
I used a she wee. a miracle tool that allowed me to stand and pee like a man.
I'm grateful for having had cancer it was a warning for me to change my life and my self.
I am now listening to my body and soul.
It took me 44 years to realise I do matter.
On reflection I couldn't carry on working as hard as I have.

This has been a jaw dropping awe inspiring time in my life my family are closer my business will survive as my customers have all shown concern and support. I feel loved and supported. I had to look at my self and where I was going wrong. Why this had happened to me. There is always a sensible explanation to why if you look closely.
I believe with the right diet I can keep this cancer out of my life for good. Anal cancer was sent to make me care for my self. pre cancer I didn't believe I was important enough to concern my self over.
I do now.
If you are reading this and it helps I'm pleased. When I first read this forum it scared the hell out of me I thought there was no hope listening to what others have been through. I believe it takes more than luck to get your life back. It is not a lottery and we are not unlucky it is cause and effect in action.

Be well everyone and use this precious experience to change your life for the better.
kindest regards
ally bongo
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    great for you!!!! i am amazed . what stage were you?? where were you treated??? congrats to you!!! sephie
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    sephie said:

    great for you!!!! i am amazed . what stage were you?? where were you treated??? congrats to you!!! sephie

    happy and healthy
    hi there sephie
    It was stage two 2cm squamus removed then chemo and radio. i had the cancer for 2 years before being properly diagnosed. i have heard of a great survivor who had stage 3 and had a good recovery she told me it was yoga, juicing and acupuncture that helped her through. she has been clear for 6 years.
    there is hope. all these things compliment the conventional treatment.
    i am being treated in cornwall in england.
    my onc didnt offer much advice when it came to complimentary treatment. i decided to read up on it and ask around. i have met some incredible people with great success stories. i have a friend who is ten years clear from terminal lung cancer who has just told me she is pregnant. how amazing is that. its all about combining east with western medicine. survival and success rate is fantastic.

    Dr Nathan Mayora is helping me keep recurance at bay with a vinegar treatment that has been successfully used on cervical cancer patience for years. he has good contacts all over the world so may be able to help by pointing you in the right direction. he inspects the area with a microscope after putting vinegar on the anus. with in seconds you can see if there is any regrowth of the hpv. if so it can be removed immediately with a little discomfort.
    i will be seeing him in london every six month for a check up. treatment is instant.
  • Lorikat
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    Awesome post. Wishing you
    Awesome post. Wishing you long term good health.
  • mp327
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    Lorikat said:

    Awesome post. Wishing you
    Awesome post. Wishing you long term good health.

    Thank you!
    Thank you for this post, as it gives all of us much hope and encouragement, along with lots of good advice! I'm so glad you are doing well and I am going to look further into info about your doctor and this technique he is using to monitor you for recurrence of HPV. I wish you the very best in your continuing journey!
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    I am so happy to read your post. I had a similar experience and firmly believe that tending to body, mind and spirit throughout treatment is of the utmost importance. I avoided this board while in treatment because it terrified me as well. I wanted to embrace my journey from my fresh perspective without outside influences.

    I do believe that knowledge is power, however; I think it's vital to control the negative flow of information in order to concentrate on positive healing. But that is just how I am. I find great comfort and joy now in supporting others who need it.

    Many blessings to you.