There is so much information on the web and so much is useless-Ductal breast cancer

first, I am not a fan of the web. I think it is over run with so much information and so little information containd in the body of the information. Let's face it.. if you do a search for "looking to buy a new right ring finger"... Target and Amazon just happens to have a few on sale -- at a great price! It is all so manipulated.

I am trying to find out if anyone has ever -- literally over night-- had a large -- like 2" hard lump show up on the right side of the breast. It hurts like crazy. Cancer that hurts -- based on the "basic" information out there... is very very bad. Then they say that it is probably something else.. but that is the end of the information given. We have a cash lab in my town so I went down and ran the ca-15 test.. and that came back normal.... which of course means: NOTHING.

I didn't have insurance so I ran out and got some.. and it kicks in in 2 weeks.... but do I wait to find out and what good does it do to save you life when you lose everything else in the process? Sure, material objects are not important but I am just not up to the task of rebuilding again (i had to after my divorce).

I have a friend who is a doctor and she thinks it is ductal cancer... which is sometimes ok and sometimes really bad but the size of my lump is crazy big and was overnight. The lump has stayed the same size... but it aches all the time. She thinks it is too hard to be a cyst. I did a round of zithromax anti-biotic.. no help there.

I am 47-- healthy (or so I thought).. no family history of breast cancer but I had a benign thymoma (a freak type thing is what I thought) about 15 years ago-- had it remved and moved on with no issues. They didn't even ask me to do a follow up CT scan. That was the end of that. I still have my period like clockwork -- pretty much to the hour. I also ran a CA-125 and that came back @ 125-- so that is high.. but I dont feel like I have issues there.

So has anyone had anything like this happen.... I try to get specifics in all the millions of pages to read on the internet but it couldn't be more non discriptive or non helpful if they tried... all the symptoms are the same and page after page.. they list the same stuff. It is almost as frustrating as not knowing what will happen to you.

The lump really aches.... and I am no "woos"... I actually have a very high pain threshold.

I haven't told my parents.. I am single.. I don't want to scare people and I believe in doing things and not talking about them. I don't like weakness at any level. I also don't even want to think about being ripped apart.

Is there much chance that this could be anything besides really far gone cancer? I will find out--- but I like to prepare for things.

Thanks for any suggestions. As I say.. i dont really find the internet all that helpful. too much on it. I hope this is different


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    A book, the internet cannot diagnose your condition
    I understand that you have no insurance until two weeks pass. You are asking for the impossible. No book, no website can accurately diagnose your lump. They can give you ideas, possibilities, but not concrete confirmation.

    You need to see a doctor and have the lump biopsied. Then you will know what it is. Good luck.

    Lots of Hugs,
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    A book, the internet cannot diagnose your condition
    I understand that you have no insurance until two weeks pass. You are asking for the impossible. No book, no website can accurately diagnose your lump. They can give you ideas, possibilities, but not concrete confirmation.

    You need to see a doctor and have the lump biopsied. Then you will know what it is. Good luck.

    Lots of Hugs,

    I replied to your other post
    I replied to your other post and did not know that you have a two week wait for the insurance. I agree with Janelle. Only a doctor can diagnosis this. The rest is just possibilities. How did your doctor friend come to the conclusion that it must be ductal cancer. I know it must be horrible not to be able to know right now what it is but you can't get a reliable diagnosis based on stuff you read. Only a qualified doctor can do that. How did you get the CA 125 done? Glad you are on top of this.
    My feeling is that even if this is a cancer and has developed this quickly, two weeks is not too long to wait. You definitely want your insurance in place if that does turn out to be the case.
    Agian, Prayers and good thoughts and please let us know when you find out what it is.
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    Internet knowlege.
    I tend to stick to this site, Tripple Negative breast foundation, (as this is the form of bc I have), and medical research sites through the government agencies or universities. In this way I get the most up to date information on the issue.

    I sense that you will get the ball rolling as soon as your insurance is in place. I am hoping it is not cancer but you will be welcome here if it is.
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    I had a lump appear in my

    I had a lump appear in my left breast what seemed like overnight. I did regular self breast exams (never mammo) at least a couple of times a week. I am not sure how I could have missed it. I waited 3 months (3 menstrual cycles) to see if it would go away as I had often had lumps appear overnight and disappear overnight once my menstrual cycle had completed. It did not go away. It moved, and felt like all the other lumps I had had in my breast. However after 3 months it seemed to change a little. I went in and even my doctor thought it was unlikely to be breast cancer but sent me for mammo and ultra sound. I ended up with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and DCIS in 50% of my breast.

    I did plenty of reading on the internet before going to see the doctor and nothing satisfied me which is why I did eventually go in to see the doctor. Like all the other women on this board, I agree you cannot get a diagnosis from the internet you really need to see a doctor.

    I didn't tell anyone until I knew what it was. I didn't want to worry friends and family and have it turn out to be nothing. I too didn't want to be cut up in the way I have however I am not my body and in the grand scheme of the Universe these things really don't matter I am just not ready to leave this world right now.
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    I agree it's unusual for a
    I agree it's unusual for a lump to appear out of nowhere, but this has happened to me. I have a specific type of breast cancer called Triple Negative, which grows very quickly. But still, since you'll be able to see a doctor within 2 weeks, even if it turns out to be something, you'll be fine. Two weeks is a very short time and the brief wait won't make any difference. I agree that only once you've seen the doctor and gotten some additional tests will you know what you've got -- and like everyone else here I'm hoping that it won't be breast cancer. As to the pain you're experiencing, I had heard the same thing: there is no pain with breast cancer. Wrong! This past December I started having pain in my left breast. It's hard to describe it (sort of achy but always in the same area). Having had breast cancer in that same breast 9 years ago and having had follow-up care at an excellent cancer center here in NYC for the past 9 years, I knew what I was looking for but could feel no change in my lump or anything like that. I had my regularly scheduled annual appointment with my breast surgeon in January so decided to wait until I saw her. By the time of the appointment I thought I could tell there was a slight thickening in the area, but again no lump. Even my surgeon didn't know what was going on when she examined me, but she sent me for a mammogram and sonogram the same day. After a biopsy a week later, it turned out to be breast cancer...again. And in exactly the same spot as before. The tumor was actually intertwined with the scar tissue left from the first biopsy 9 years ago, which is why no one could feel a lump. So, the lesson to be learned is that there are no guarantees or absolutes with breast cancer. It's a really devious disease. That being said, you're doing the right thing and again, hopefully yours will turn out to be nothing. I do think it's a good idea not to tell others until you know what you're dealing with. Good luck to you!
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    My lump came up seemingly overnight
    Then suddenly it was under my arm also. I waited 5 weeks to go through a cycle and make sure
    it didn't didn't. Stage 3c, grade 3, estrogen positive, idc. I hesitate to write this because there are so many other things it can be and my onc felt like the meds I took for rheumatoid arthritis helped it go crazy.

    Get it checked out when you can, there is much that can be done no matter what the diagnosis.

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    As others have said, you
    As others have said, you can't diagnose yourself. You are in a difficult situation of waiting while you are not sure. I don't have answers, but wanted to tell you that I am praying that you are fine. Please let us know.
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    I understand your fears and
    I understand your fears and I am not a Doctor but I had a lump in my neck and my OC said that if it didn't hurt then it USUALLY isn't cancer.
    The internet tells you the worst things and I read it to and sometimes should't
    I think you need to get to a Dr. and get to the bottom of it so you can move on with your life.
    Hugs :)