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I was just diagnosed with ascites after a CT scan for a bloated / distended abdomen, any experience with this out there ? what can I expect as far as treatment.... at this time it has me more or less off my feet as I am only comfortable on my side laying down. I realize this is probably an indicator of the condition of my liver and that has me a bit upset, as for the past 6 months pet scans showed no cancer on the liver (original site of cc metz) but just 6 weeks later this ct scans show a new "lesion" 8 m.m. in size it makes me wonder if at anytime during the past 6 months I was really n.e.d. or is the pet scan just not good enough to pick this up....
Any info will be appreciated

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    Can't help you Larry not experience on that!
    C Dixon an old member of this forum had many problems with ascites before she was declared NED. May be you can send her a PM.