Haven't been on in about two years but all is good

Hello all

I haven't been on in a couple of years, but definately have been reading everyones posts. Jeff is doing great and is in remission of this ugly disease it was 2 years July 22, anyone have the ivor Lewis this is what he had surgery wise. Jeff still goes to doctors every six months but all in all is doing great!

For all the newbies this is a great board with alot of answers. I wish u luck on your future life with EC

GOD bless you all



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    good to see you here
    So good to see you here. We all benefited so much from your advice and experience. Glad to hear Jeff is doing so good. We kind of went on the journey together, my surgery was that December and was Ivor Lewis too. For all the complications Jeff had at first boy is it good to see how good he is doing. Tomorrow is a milestone for me, getting my port out been in for 2 yrs. Every day is a joy, just wishing there were more happy endings out here. Hard to believe how many new people have come here in the 2 yrs. take care, thanks for sharing!!
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    I'm very glad you posted an
    I'm very glad you posted an update. It's great to hear from survivors. Thank you!
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    So pleased to read that

    So pleased to read that Jeff is doing so well. My husband, Alan had the Ivor Lewis 18 months ago and his CT scan in July was NED.

    To the people who are waiting for their surgeries I wish them all the luck in the world and a speedy recovery. When I look back now I really wonder where all the time went since Alan's, maybe I was too busy looking after him to notice it.

    To all the stage 4 I pray that you can remain pain free and have some quality time with your family and friends.

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