Article on BC in October's issue of Prevention

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Dear Pink Sisters:
Just read a very good article in October's issue of Prevention on BC.


  • TraciInLA
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    I subscribe to Prevention, but hadn't got around to reading my October issue yet until I saw your post, Marlene.

    Wow! This isn't just an article -- it's a whole SECTION for breast cancer survivors.

    I subscribe to a lot of popular health magazines -- whenever they talk about breast cancer, they all focus on early detection (get regular mammograms) and lowering your risk (exercise and lose weight). This is the first time I've seen a focus in the popular media on breast cancer survivors and fear of recurrence. There's even a small sidebar of makeup tips while going through treatment, and 2 pages of post-surgery exercises. Way to go, Prevention!

    The only small thing that made me chuckle was their mention of a study in the journal Cancer that found that, 1 year after diagnosis, 60% of all cancer survivors worry about recurrence. Really, ya' think? But I guess that can be news to some people who think we just finish treatment, go on our merry way, and never have to think about cancer again.