Holiday Weekend-No treatment

My husband has had two rounds of radiation out of the ten he will be receiving. Because of the holiday weekend, it seems treatment has stopped. Can this affect the total treatment going several days in between? Other than that, the hospital says he's doing really good. His sugar remains high due to the steroids even with all the other meds to counteract it. He receives insulin twice a day. He was never a diabetic before all this. I think both of us still find it hard to believe this is happening. We remain strong and positive for each other.


  • soccerfreaks
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    I had chemo AND rads through thanksgiving and christmas and it was definitely not unusual to skip holidays, for the sanity, I suspect, of both patient and doctor/nurse/technician (not to mention caregiver!).

    No harm, no foul. I considered these to be holidays from rads, frankly, and still believe that radiation therapy (like chemotherapy) is not an exact science.

    A day off is not a bad thing, especially if one enjoys it.

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