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Hello Everybody,

This is my second post... since my dads (50 yrs old) Diagnosis

Ca Esophagus (GE Junction)Adenocarcinoma


Esophagectomy done
3 cycles of Post-Op Chemo consisting of (180mg Docetaxel, 150mg Cisplatin and 1000mg 5-FU)
His latest PET scan after the above treatment shows-
Few wall deposits in the abdomen and an Axilla Lymph Node that is Non-Malignant (Confirmed after FNAC Test done).

Doctor says scan results are good and has advised him to undergo Six more cycles (weekly) of Chemotherapy consisting of 400mg Erbitux and 100mg Abraxane.

I have been reading a lot about the above two drugs and not very convinced regarding its effectiveness in this particular type of Cancer.

Just wanted to know if anyone has undertaken these drugs and if they have proven to be effective...
Or if i should be keen on giving him the same 3 combination of drugs (Taxol/cisplatin/5-Fu)
for another 3 cycles, thereby completing Six cycles of Chemotherapy and completely beating the beast.

Any suggestions and Information will be greatly appreciated...
Thank You

Arjun (India)


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    HELLO and welcome...
    I am sorry to see no one has replied, and as I have had NO chemotherapy as a choice I am not suited to answer your questions directly, other than by research of the drugs which you could do on GOOGLE or the like.
    I am sorry I can't be of more help, but I do hope by replying to your post, it will move back to the TOP of the list and maybe others will see it now?
    Best of luck and may God bless you on your EC journey. We are here to help.
    Please continue to post to the boards often.

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    Just saw your post
    My husband,diagnosed stage IV EC, has been taking Erbitux along with Irinotechan since March of this year. His initial results in May were very good in that the tumors in the esophagus had shrank remarkably, and the bone mets had "resolved". Since then a second scan in August showed no change, but no growth either, so stable. He is continuing these drugs and will get a scan in November. Presently his receives chemo every three weeks. The side effects of both drugs for him are just a general "yucky"feeling for about a week, with low energy levels. He also has skin rashes caused by the Erbitux.hydration needs to be watched. I have not seen too many others on he receiving this drug. I know it is considered "off label" and must be approved by insurances to be used for EC. Hope this info helps.
    Wife of Rickie dx Stage IV EC Oct. 2010