Return of my tumor

Only two months past a clear PET and an MRI shows the return of the tumor and it is even more aggressive. It is paralyzingly the left side of my head and neck. Doctors given me a few weeks to months. Declining surgery since it has invaded my brain case and brain stem. I'm now on erbetrex chemo for palliative care. Suggestions, ideas and support gladly welcome.


  • Hondo
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    Hi Ken
    I am going to shoot straight, do you have faith? We don’t know why good people suffer but I do know that God is in charge and it is not His will that any of us suffer with this stuff. About 6 years ago my Cancer came back a third time, the doctors told me I did not have long and if I did do chemo it had only less than a 5% chance at the best. There are a lot of people who don’t believe in the power of prayer but I want to tell you that there is a force in prayer that we don’t understand and a God of love who wants to heal his children.

    If you don’t mind I like to add you to my prayer list.