NED is filming a documentary

Check it out:

Has anyone ever heard them or under the care of one of them? Can't wait for the documentary. I wonder when/where/how it will be aired.

It might be on their official website where one of them is talking about how breast cancer has the ribbon, but we have the band!



  • nempark
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    Hi Susanne: I had the privilege of being one of the patients of Dr. Nemesh Nagarseth who is one of the six surgeons that is in the Rock band NED. I am one of Jehovah's Witness and I went to Englewood Hospital for surgery in 11/2009, because I opted not to have blood transfusion. Dr. Nagarseth is one of the surgeons who does surgery and can do so with minimum blood loss, he is the director of bloodless surgery. When I saw him I was in total shock, he looked like 20 years old. He is a fantastic surgeon (don't have much to say). He asked me the last time I was there to help them out at their concert in Manhattan but unfortunately I was away.(Boo hoo.) He said that there will be more.
    It is so funny, I went to my regular Doctor and he asked me which Doc did my surgery and I told him, I also told him that he dosen't say much and he said to me that he did his mother's surgery. He said he is an excellent Doctor who cuts and heals so he dosent' have to talk. LOL.

    Hope you are doing well. I still constantly have pains in my abdomen, I guess it is still side effects and not following a proper diet. Still NED. Be well! June