Join Research Project for MMMT (carcinosarcoma)

RoseyR Member Posts: 471 Member
To all of us who were diagnosed with MMMT (now more commonly known as carcinosarcoma of the uterus or ovary):

I just came across a web site called "123 and me Sarcoma Community" whose purpose is to forge further research into this rare form of cancer in hope of getting faster, better treatment and genetic insights into its origin.

They are asking for volunteers who have any kind of sarcoma (bone or soft-tissue sarcoma) for information on their ethnic heritage, dietary habits, and so on--as well as a sample of saliva.

I, for one, will join this effort for part of our problem is precisely that the rarer a cancer is, the fewer funds there are that get diverted into researching it--if only because the financial gains (via pharmacological profits) are so small.

i am also convinced that genetic research--and treatments that modify our genes--offers way more hope than chemo in and of itself.

If interested, Google "123 and Me Sarcoma Community" to take a look at what this research project is trying to accomplish.