Radiation for HD 22 years ago..now Lung Cancer

Hi everyone,

I battled Hodgkins 22 years ago. I had both chemo and radiation...chest and abdomen. Almost 5 years ago, I got colon cancer and was treated with surgery and chemo. I have tentatively been diagnosed with a new primary cancer of the lung. I keep wondering if the radiation I had all of those years ago had anything to do with this. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?



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    Hope things get better for
    Hope things get better for you
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    Hi Lance,
    I've read that certain chemotherapy and radiation treatments can increase the risk of developing secondary or new cancers. As I understand it, the reason being is because such treatments kill cancer cells, but also disrupt normal cells, which can lead to new cancers later down the road. The cells mutate from being disrupted. Some cells take longer to develope into active cancer which is why years can go by before the new cancer shows up. I remember reading this while researching radiation treatments for my Aunt who has breast cancer. Let us know how you are doing and what will be done to treat the new cancer in your lungs. I'm so sorry you have to go through this again. Best wishes...Sue