hospice care (i think thas how u spell it )

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doctor said that all that is medically possible has been done. grandma is going into hospice care. the nurse from hospice told me that she is at high risk of a heart attack at whcih point she will be given morphine so that she doesnt feel any pain. doctor told me these world "the chemo didnt work. the cancer grew and spread the chemo did nothing". now i sit here waiting for her to go. feeling guilty as **** because i took her to every chemo n eery doc apt.

i feel numb n foolish. im loosing my gma


  • Barbara53
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    take heart
    Take heart, girl. From reading your posts, I don't think your grandma was the kind of lady who could be pushed around. She decided things for herself, right? She decided to try chemo, honey. You just supported her. Also look at it this way -- whether or not she had chemo, the cancer had her. The chemo may have made her sick, but in her heart it reassured her that at least she tried. She didn't let you and everyone else, and most of all herself down without a fight.

    So here you are. Your grandma may not have good breath to speak, but she can hear. Maybe it's time for you to read her a book, perhaps one of your favorites from childhood. She would probably like that, a lot. Hearing is the last sense to go, and love never stops.