OT Does anyone watch " The Sing Off"

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I was just curious if anyone watches The Sing Off on NBC. They sing a cappella. I have never watched it but will this year. My daughter in laws brother is on it this season. His name is Mitch and his group is Pentatonix. He is 19 and he and 2 other members of the group sang together in High School. I think it will be exciting to watch someone I know. The show premiers on Sept. 19th. I just thought I would pass this on so if anyone watches it.
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    Love that show, can't wait for the new season!
    The Sing-Off was on for only about a month around Christmas last year, as a mid-season show on NBC -- I stumbled upon it, and was just mesmerized. I've never heard large a capella choirs/groups before -- it's so hard to believe there are NO instruments, that they make all that fantastic music just with their voices.

    So excited that it will be on again -- but I'll have to DVR it, as Dancing with the Stars premieres the same night!