I just posted on an old post about hlrcc cancer (hereditary leiomyoma renal cell carcinoma). Are there any other hlrcc people out there? I'm being followed by NIH and just had surgery 2 plus weeks ago for a small tumor. It is such an aggressive cancer that NIH removes any suspected tumors. They also removed my lymph nodes. Would love to connect with other people with this condition. I am on a forum thru inspire.com and their VHL site, which is a different kind of inherited cancer.

This forum has been wonderful to hear of other's experiences, so much like my own. I think we all try to put up a stiff upper lift to our caregivers and spouses. My best to everyone. Before the surgery this forum helped me have an idea what the surgery was like and now it's helping me a lot with pain management. I realized I wasn't crazy at all to be needing pain meds after two weeks.



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    Hi Kathy, Welcome! My cancer
    Hi Kathy,

    Welcome! My cancer was clear cell but I am having genetic counseling in a few weeks to see if testing is something to consider since my father also had rcc (age 48 I believe for him, age 46 for me).

    Even if no one here has that type I hope you will keep posting as it benefits all. Wishing you well and prayers for your healing.