I was diagnosed as stage 1 rcc of the clear cell variety.
It was removed with a partial nephrectamy and was
Completely encapsulated. Since then my testosterone
Levels have fallen out , and after coming up with a cough
That couldn't be cured I was diagnosed with COPD after
a pft test . My concern is could this be Rcc in my lungs
Mistakingly diagnosed as copd? From what I've read the
symptoms are similar , and as fast as all this has jumper
On me don't no what to think . I was an occasional smoker
I'm 38 years old an diagnosed as stage 2 empysima .


  • lbinmsp
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    If you are receiving regular followup for your RCC (CT scans, blood work), they would know for sure if this was a recurrance of the RCC. My original RCC was diagnosed in 2001 - with a recurrance to the lung in 2006. I had no symptoms with the lung recurrance - no cough - nothing. In 2010 I started having a nagging cough and a little shortness of breath. Had pulmonary function tests and learned it was COPD but otherwise lungs were OK. Be sure to talk with your doctor(s) if you have more concerns.