Eyes that water during chemo

antcat Member Posts: 270
Hi everyone, I thought I'd share this with you. I've been on Taxotere for 3 full cycles now. I go once a week, 3 weeks in a row, and get a week off for rest. I noticed that after my last chemo visit, my eyes started watering alot. I didn't know what it was from, and forgot to ask my primary care doctor when I saw him this week. So, when I saw the oncologist today, he told me that the watery eyes were from the Taxotere. Didn't really offer much information except that it was chemo related. But, it was funny, because last nite I looked up Taxotere side effects and found out that it does cause watery eyes so I knew this before I mentioned it to the oncologist. So the chemo is causing the watery eyes and my nose bleeds, will these side effects ever stop? But at least my primary doc told me how to handle the nose bleeds and so far it's worked really good. I use a saline spray 2x a day and I put vaseline in my nose. Even though I get the nose bleeds (mostly when I blow my nose and not really like a dripping nose bleed), the saline spray and vaseline has really helped. In fact when I have the start of my rest week, it's like I didn't have any blood nasal discharge for 14 days. Maybe I'll see what my primary care doc can suggest for the watery eyes.