Chemo stink

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Ok, I have just finished this round of chemo. I reek of it. My clothes smell. When I go to the bathroom it smells. The bed sheets smells. I thought it was just me but my mother who is taking care of me can smell it too.

It has me besides myself. It makes the nausea worse and I just do not know what to do about it. I am drinking liquids like no tomorrow to try to flush the smell out. Ughh.....anyone else experince this???


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    My Golden Retriever is always all over me when I get home from an infusion. I throw my clothes directly into the hamper and take a shower with some nice smelling shower gel. I think I smell from the heavy metals for days, but others tell me I don't. Just another fun side effect :)
    (((HUGS))) Maria
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    Yes,and I hate it. But
    Yes,and I hate it. But guess we just have to endure it. I try to drink extra liquids too. Then there's the getting up to use the bathroom multiple times at night.... I feel for you. It really does make nausea worse.
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    I hate it too
    Yes, I have had it too. It is terrible. One of my friends who takes me for my treatments, I asked her did I smell. At first she didn't notice it but then one time we came out and got in the car and then she smelled. It is bad enougg that we have to go through so much and then the SSS (Stupid Stinkin Cancer) gives us the smell. I don't think I smell with this round of stuff but I always asks my daughter if I smell.

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    I've just asked my husband
    and he said that was why he kept opening the bedroom window every morning. He said the smell was vaguely unpleasant and sort of chemically/metallic. He also has a very weak sense of smell so if he could smell it it must have been quite strong. Apparently he didn't tell me because he was afraid I might exagerate it in my mind and not want to leave the house if I knew I smelt. Nobody else thought to tell me either
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    It's funny because I
    It's funny because I actually never realized it made me smell until just a few months ago. I found out a gal that lives in an apartment by me knew I was doing chemo because she said when I would walk by her when I got back from my treatments I had the same smell her mother did when she went through chemo. So, when I found that out I started asking everyone else if I smelled. They all say they didn't notice. I don't know if they were being honest or didn't want to hurt my feelings. I know I really hated how things smelled to me through that time. It seemed like everything smelled like a very unclean vet office. Now I wonder if that's how I smelled to others. :-/
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    I am still stinky but it is
    I am still stinky but it is starting to slowly go away. The smell seemed to get worse with more treatments. After my first treatment, a friend who was staying with me was amazed at the amount of laundry I was putting out. I mentioned that it was like the food, something did not smell right, and I thought it was me. I was constantly showering and changing.

    This time around I am so much more saturated with the smell it is amazing. I do not remember it with my mother in law and she was gettting dripped Mon-Thrusday 8-4 with God knows what. It just adds another laywer of crud to deal with.

    Now...this begs the question chemo disposal...I shall start another topic.