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Some of you may have already read my story regarding my husband. He has lung cancer which had spread to the brain. Now, the tumor on the brain has split or spread into 12+ liesons and it has spread to his other lung as well. He also has a fungus infection in his lung. Radiation was started today on the brain. With this many liesons, is this a wise thing to do? I asked the lung onc to tell me if the lungs were operable and if the radiation is pallative or curable care. I was told at this point it is pallative and it is not operable. I failed to ask for a prognosis; how much time we might have. Can someone give me an estimate time frame with the information I have provided. I know no one is a doctor here or specialist but I just want the straight truth that thus far I have not been getting.


  • lekkerone
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    Nobody on these forums can give you any time frames. That is just not possible. Many of the doctors miss the mark on this question so there is no way we can begin to guess. I am sorry you are going through this. Diane