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Last week on the 2nd of August, I had surgery. I decided to go along with Mayo's plan, and opted to leave the surgery decisions with them...The previous surgeon was opting for a mandibulotomy with neck resection, removing my left tonsil and soft palate where it was necessary...Mayo's team decided that they could do it all through my mouth using a laser...They called me in for a pre-op on the 19th of August and told me that they had an opening for the coming monday...Although, i was scheduled for surgery mid September I was able to get it done much faster...I awoke from surgery in the Critical Care Unit after a 7.5 hour operation. The nurses were fantastic and the care was superior...They had me pretty drugged for the first couple of days so there wasn't much to remember of the time I spent in critical care...After two days they transfered me to the regular floor, the doctor told me that there was a good chance that they had got it all and they were waiting for the lymp nodes pathology...on Thursday evening the pathology reports came back and the lymp nodes were clear and there wasn't any need for further treatment, as of yet...So, today I went in to have my staples from my neck, removed. They will leave the feeding tube in for another week, until my throat heals further.... My progress is going well and the scenario is good so far...I used to think that all they had to do was go in a get it out, and that would be the end of it...I know now, that now it is just a waiting game to see what pops up in the next two years , then five years...So, I am so happy that I went with the decision to go with Mayo, and the people there...They are so professional and so knowledgable, and they decided to do the least invasive first and it worked out...I am pleased to be on the road to recovery....


  • shoeloy
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    Good News
    Thank God and we will continue to pray for your recovery.

  • Hondo
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    Hi Jahn

    Great news I am glad for you, I too must say when I went to the Mayo clinic in AZ it was a very pleasant visit and very professional on how I was treated

  • sweetblood22
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    Happy to read that you are on the road to recovery. May the road be free of potholes, and traffic free.

    Be well~

  • Pam M
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    Glad to see things have gone so well so far. Hope your recovery is smooth.
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    The Latest
    That's good news all around. Hope it continues going your way. Here's to a smooth, quick and trouble-free recovery. Cheers.

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    God is Good
    Thanking God for your great results and praying that you stay cancer free for years to come.

  • buzz99
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    Glad to hear you came through the surgery and are in recovery mode. Surgery was presented to us by Mayo's as the most effective treatment. Unfortunately, Buzz was not a candidate for the trans oral surgery and opted for chemo/radiation. Hopefully you have seen the last of the beast. Karen