Opinions on my husband's condition

Here I go again with more questions. This doctor is confusing me so much.

A brief history here - husband diagnosed January 2011 for SCLC Extensive. Treated six rounds of carbo/etop, ended in June. Pet Scan showed three tumors gone, one in lung very tiny, one in hip questionable.

No PCI, nothing more done. He just had a tumor marker test. It was 3.0 in January, 2.2 in July, now it is 2.8.

He just saw the doctor this morning and doctor said not to worry, he's fine,he won't do anything else - not even a PET Scan until the end of December.

I want him to get a second opinion, he won't do it. With everything I've heard about SCLC Extensive, this shouldn't be. He gets a blood test once a month and sees the doctor after that.

He does feel great, you would never know he was ever ill. But something isn't right here.

Opinions - please!!!!