good news

I went to court today, and when the judge ask why i needed to modify chid support and i explained that the electric co. has just recieved two raises and food prices have really raised, he did'nt let me finish but looked at my ex-husband and ordered the raise that child support had calculated. I guess i am stroger than i think,whenever it comes to my daughter. fifty dollars a month is not enough to take care of a 13 year old daughter. i have received fity dollars a month for three months before that nothing so i guess i do feel some kind of victory, NOW to beat this cancer that i have had for 11 years.


  • COBRA666
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    Great News
    Thats a start. John
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    COBRA666 said:

    Great News
    Thats a start. John

    Big Step
    Good for YOU! That was one huge step for you to take, very nice.

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    Hi Denise,
    Now don't you feel better? I told you it would all work out, and so will your cancer. Keep the faith dear and we will all get through this together. Thanks for sharing your good news. Love..Sue