Folfox 6 toxicity?

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I had 10 rounds of Folfox 6 about 18 months ago and tolerated as well as can be expected.

Long story short, I have a recurrence and my doctor put me back on it. I had my first treatment last Wednesday and have been deathly ill since then. I went back to him on Friday and spent the day getting IV fluids and anti nausea meds. He was debating putting me back in the hospital.

Today is Monday and I feel some better but still very weak and not eating all that well. I am trying to drink Gatorade, etc but having a hard time. Of course multiple bathroom trips are taking place as well so I am taking Imodium to help with that.

Has anyone else had this happen before? I am really scared to consider taking another treatment of Folfox 6.


  • maglets
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    so sorry
    gosh....that sounds really really rough and toxic.....I can't help...just did the oxy once with xeloda and as you's not easy ....

    I hope someone can help.....

    all best wishes.....

  • pete43lost_at_sea
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    Sorry about recurrence
    I did 12 cycles of Folfox with diet, Tcm and supplements.
    To give your body support during chemo maybe read about what I tried. Lots of posts here about our own experiences.
    If something gels, then go see a cancer specialist Tcm or Naturopath.
    Goodluck , I am a few months post adjuvant chemo stage 3 rectal and your recurrence makes me nervous. Did you here about walking therapy ? It's my hope for my own miracle.