Radioembolism for liver tumors (metastatic or primary)

Double Whammy
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Hi Everyone-
This link was posted on the uterine cancer board by a woman who is undergoing radioembolism for uterine cancer metastasis to the liver. The treatment is used for primary liver tumors as well as metastatic disease from breast, colon, uterine, etc. cancers.
She had to bring it up to her oncologist and it was an ordeal for it to be approved by her insurance. She said it is not FDA approved in the US but is widely used in the rest of the world. She is a very well informed and researches a lot.

Thought it was interesting and may be something you may not know about. She also posts on the ovarian cancer board because her type of uterine cancer (UPSC) is very similar to ovarian. You can also visit both the uterine and ovarian boards and search for radioembolism. They're pretty encouraging.