In support of our chemo warriors

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I've opted to change my profile picture. Won't you join me??

This photo was taken of me and a fellow co-worker just seven months ago. Bald is beautiful ladies, mo-hawks??? Not so sure.

Loving support in those chemo rooms,


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    I would love to
    I would love to and my support is behind every single person going thru this cr*p, but I NEVER let ANYONE take a picture of me. Not at all because I was ashamed of being bald, because I only covered at work cause I work at a non-profit and didn't want to scare donors : ) but because I blew up like a balloon from the steroids and didn't gain weight just hugeness and I've always had dark circles under my eyes (thanks mom) but during chemo they literally circled the entire eye and were black as a raccoon's. Then there was the no eyebrows and boy God knew what he was doing when he gave us eyebrows, no lashes, and if I did attempt make up, my eyebrows were almost never even.

    I share this not to make anyone feel bad, but to show everyone that I'm sure that with this description, everyone here knows with total confidence that they looked better than I did during chemo.

    Of course for the good news, love my new salt and pepper short hair style, my eyebrows and lashes are back. Not only am I not blimp like but in the last few months I've lost 27 pounds from where I was at the start of all of this.

    I feel great and at age 57 plan to dance at the weddings of all 5 of my grandchildren (youngest is 2, so I have a ways to go).