Break from Chemo, then Xeloda?

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Dec 2010 stage 4 cancer diagnosis

January 2011 start 5 fu, Folfox w/Avastin completed approx 5 treatments, had to drop Avastin due to severe blood clots.

Remaining 4 treatments w 5fu, Folfox, then developed Pleurisy and had to take a break from treatment. So, I completed a total of 9 treatments.

Have been on about a 3 month break now. Petscan shows improvement, and my CEA's which in December were approx 11 or 13, now dropped down to under 3.

I had a really bad time with chemo. I start to cry when I get near the chemo unit. The tastes, the smell, the memories of feeling so very sick, and then almost dying from the side I HATE that stupid little box! I have rarely cried in my life (nothing wrong with crying), I have just always been such a strong woman.....anyhow, I digress.

Initially I was thinking of giving up chemo completely, but then I spoke with my doctor's medical assistant, and she said a couple of things that made sense about why I shouldn't give it up completely. Then after my petscan and CEA's dropping, my doctor said that it was my choice, but if I wanted to take another 3 month break from chemo, "this might be a good time to do it". Or, I could resume treatment if I chose to. I have decided to extend my chemo break for another 3 months. My friend says why don't I just keep going with the chemo, but understands everything that went on, but she says if it were her, she would continue to take the chemo. What is your opinion on my 6 month break?

I asked my doctor about trying Xeloda when I resume, and she said she would prescribe it if I want. I haven't researched Xeloda yet. What do you guys/gals think of Xeloda? Is it just as effective? Are the side effects tolerable? What is a good website that has good info on Xeloda? I look at the Xeloda website, and on the first page it talked about taking Xeloda and blood thinners carries some risk, and I am on daily injections of Lovenox (blood thinner stronger than Coumadin, that I have to take for the rest of my life because of the blood clots caused by Avastin).

I really appreciate any insight you can give me on my chemo break, and experience with Xeloda. Thanks you for reading.


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    Not experience with Xeloda only but I think may be I'm wrong
    that bettsydoglover ,is or was using it with huge success , why don't you PM her ,she's been always very supportive in this cases with me!
    Hope it help you! Loe you!
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    No personal experience with Xeloda here but my wife has great success on complementary treatments like vitamin C, K2, glutamine and fish oils with other kinds of 5FU based chemo without the oxi-. Her PSK, vitamin C and glutamine, among others, were good for reducing toxicity side effects, she's been going 14+ months straight on her chemo. John23 might have a few suggestions, here's a Yale researcher experimenting with TCM "with a formula comprised of four ancient Chinese herbs".

    Xeloda definitely has some differences from 5FU treatments since folates including leucovorin increase Xeloda's toxicity. Uracil or urea based hand creams have been used to reduce X's hand foot syndrome.

    A physician or licensed naturopath experienced with integrative nutrition and cancer might be useful and prudent.