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    ron50 said:

    Happy Birthday Pete
    Hope things are ok where the sun don't shine. For goodness sakes If you get asked to do a survey about what you do at night please lie and if they ask if you are into photogrophy ,lie a lot.Wishing you good health and a long life,Ron.

    thanks ron
    its all good in the dark places according to the surgeon.
    we speak each of us in perculiar phrases that many reading these threads would not have a glue about.

    ok i'll lie a bit.

    i want to be the worlds best underwater photographer, not the worlds shitttyest photgrapher.

    but you started this line of diswcussion, so you asked for it.
    i had to wait 50 minutes in the doctors surgery yesterday. like all great colorectal surgeons, he has a loo in his rooms. i had to go. i put the paper in the waste basket.
    i took the photo.

    the doctor came to get me, i said do you want to see the photo or the real thing ?
    he said the real thing! so we walked into the bathroom and studies my poo.

    he said " i have seen alot worse, its not to bad"
    and then explained how the blood vessels and the nerves keep on forming around the reconnected rectum and bowel.


    ps i wish us the best health and the rest of the world as well.
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    Sonia32 said:

    Happy Birthday
    Right Pete, you know I think you and Ron and the greatest Aussies I know on here.
    What your going through at the moment, worrying about reoccurrences, your poop is it all normal especially as your recently in remission. I know coming out after mine, I had the same fears and worries. Not a competition with stages here, but my stage 3 is worse then yours so, lol hopefully you'll get what I'm saying in a bit.

    I was checking my number 2's like mad, and I would say it on here I remember Phil said something that I could end up on poop watch forever I think something along those lines. Woke me up a bit, yes you have to be vigilant, you have to do the best you can for yourself. Try and educate others along the way, but you can't let this damn disease run your life for however long you have left on this earth.

    You have a family, a life and this disease does not deserve to be at the dinner table as a family member.

    My poop this morning was yellow, first thought omg is it pancreatic something? But these days I try and rationalise things, say for example what you eat can effect the way number 2's come out. Bleeding had a bit of that, but I know and can feel an anal fissure, that seems to be healing. Can't recall if you had colon surgery to remove the tumour but that will also effect things, it will take time for your body to re adjust.

    Honestly not trying to have a go at you, but I just want you to try and relax my friend. There is a post someone brought up 'stage 4 colon cancer' two years old. Two people from it have passed on but there words are so relevant, if you haven't already please read it, especially the post from our Donna and John.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm lecturing I'm trying not too, just lost my late mum's brother on Tuesday and it's my mums anniversary on Sunday so feeling..not sure.

    But anyway hugs I hope it's just a vessel, remember don't over do things either with your body like over exercising etc that will also effect things internally. 35 and I sound 75 urghh lol.


    thanks sonia
    last chemo was mid april 2011, how time flys.
    reconnection 6th may.

    so i have been potty trsining 4 months almost, and getting much better at it.
    its like riding a bike, you never forget. but i cannot ride like i used to if you knbow what i mean. i am glad you mentioned checking poo's, i don't feel so crazy.

    i agree about not letting this dam disease run my life and i am trying, i am actually using it to save my life.

    i have boxed myself into a corner, if i give up walking, tcm, supplements, juicing, meditating and it comes back well i'll question the decision. if i stick to my regimes loose then at least i gave it the good old college try. if i win, well i'll just be as healthy as possible.

    i may seem obsessive here, but in real life, i sneak a piece of chocolate, have the occaisional hot chip and i even had lamb shank soup at my friends last nigth for dinner. i try to keep all my alternatives happening but don't worry if i don't.

    i am relaxed sometimes, but looking after the kids, driving, school, meals, the house and then my cancer stuff.

    lecture away, its a healthy discussion.

    its just a vessel, thankgod.

    at the colorectal surgeons yesterday, the exercising was raised by my wife. as i lost the fat , we have found some little hernias. he said leave them another 12 months, if no other big surgeries, he will go in and patch them up. i showed him all the stomach exercises from the physio. he saidf i was healthier than he was and to go for it.

    i learnt something very important. that 4 week cap between resection and folfox is critical. give i did not eat for the first 14 days of that period, i believe peak nutrition post op is key to a good repair. my surgeon implied the flofox does not help
    with regard to the healing of the stomach muscles.

    sorry about your uncle, its great to remember and be grateful for our family and friends. having this death around us makes me possibly a little to passionate, but thats the way i am.


    ps i have been joined the life extension foundation, the big book with a few heavy cancer chapters specically mentions stage 3 benefitting from tagamet the antacid. just mentioning i am seriously going to check it out.
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    dorookie said:

    A great day
    as it was my 43rd birthday too...So happy Birthday and I hope you get what you asked for, good results and nothing is wrong and that you will poop somewhat normal soon...


    thanks beth
    happy birthday to you too. i hope you had a great day.
    i got good news, so it was the best present.

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    keystone said:

    Praying for you Pete! I hope
    Praying for you Pete! I hope your poo analysis is off. I know since Ive been juicing the beets twice has made my poo red (very red). I'm sure its tough because its not even me who has the cancer diagnoses and still yet I analyse my poo continuously! Keep us posted Pete! I feel that this is a false alarm! Prayers going up for you!! Stephanie

    thanks stephanie
    your gut feeling is spot on, false alram.
    i am releived.
    yes i too know the wonderful effect of beetroot juice.
    but deep purple and bright red, even when i blinked a few times.

    its nice to know we got a few poo watchers here, even if the don't post about
    it as much as i do. i got to work on my small talk, then i might have some other more interesting subjects to talk about.

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    lauragb said:

    Happy Birthday!
    First of all, Happy Birthday! I want you to know I am praying and affirming for a good outcome to your appointment. I guess many of us are avid poop watchers. I think good looking stools is a good goal to have, one I aspire to in the future once more of my treatment is done. I totally get it. And I hope you achieve that goal.

    In balance and light, although like you said the balance part is hard, since it is more of a roller coaster. If we can only achieve some inner balance to help us while on the coaster....


    thanks laura
    its been a lovelly birthday and good news from my doctor.
    all the kind thoughts and prayers here have raised my spirits.

    here's to the inner balance.

    just hang on while on the scary parts of the roller cioaster.

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    pepebcn said:

    happy birthday mate!

    thanks pepe
    all is good.