Plans are shaping up....



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    Keep with it!
    Hi Jennie,
    I had erbitux in 2008 in the trial, boy was that nasty for me. So much acne on my face it was unreal, got some topical stuff and antibiotics for it, helped a lot. I had mets to my lungs in 2009 and was told by the surgeon he could possibly grab all five of them, four right one left but had to commit to two surgerys, which was fine by me except my oncologist at the time said no. So I did do a vat for biopsy only. Got one out that way, had three rfas, stereotactic radiation and now chemo. I had 2010 free doing all these treatments(nochemo), and I wouldn't have changed my mind at any point. We all have to be out own advocate and search for treatments that maybe right for ourselves. I'm glad that you are seeking options! It's something we all must do to keep fighting, and the tcm is also a great idea! I shall be going back to it soon, after we can figure out my chemo regiment.
    Take care and show off those panties!
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    Hi Jennie,
    I hope you get some cute panties. That always makes a girl feel good. Sounds like you have a strong plan. I love how you take control and make decisions with good information, that are best for you.
    Take care.