One day good, one day bad.. and anxiety

Hi again,
Just want to check in on how you all are doing. I am happy to see that no drastic negativ changes has happened. Mum is now doing (much) better one day, baking cakes and seeing her friends and the next day lying in bed wishing to die. For true. And she has a lot of anxiety. It is hard for me as relative to follow these mood swings and to be able to encourage and comfort her. I am too beginning to move up and down in temper with her.. How are you all coping? I do not have all information as doctors talks to her exclusively and it is hard not nowing what is happening. So for now, I think you all are very brave and keep fighting!



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    Ups and Downs

    Unfortunately this is fairly common in the cancer world. My best advice is to cherish the good days and hunker down on the bad ones.

    This is a lot to process for you both! There is no shame in reaching out to a therapist or getting some medication to temper things (for either of you). I would also urge you to make sure you are taking good care of yourself. Being a family member or caregiver can be as stressful as being the patient sometimes! Your mom will need you to be strong for her and want you to be as OK as possible under the circumstances. There is a caregivers forum on CSN that may be worth a look for you.

    Strength and love to you both,

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    Hi Sophie
    After reading what Ray has written I can only say ditto. He writes well.

    Know that I am thinking of you also :)

    For now,